Friday 19th of December 2014
"This wench is hench"


Wynona in Blue Lingerie

So today I have been taking pictures of Wynona, after we had some girlie fun wandering round the shops looking at lingerie and toys that go buzzzz of course. You may have seen Wynona over at already, but I think that you’ll agree that she was hot enough to steal away to come and shoot for my site as well?! Yes? You agree? Good! I took lots of pictures which equals lots of photo sets and Wynona even volunteered to do a video. I think that I’m even getting better at this whole taking pictures lark too. This is the umpteenth time now that I’ve done a shoot without messing some technical aspect up which would compromise a set. It’s late now and I’m getting sleepy but there will be an update of Wynona some time tomorrow (which is technically today), on Sunday. And it will follow with more photos of me on Tuesday.

Wynona in Blue Lingerie

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  1. Rich Says:

    Simply stunning…

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